“May Your Journey Through Lifetimes

Be Blessed and Full of Colorful Rainbows”

Josie, Board Certified Past Life Therapist

Welcome to Rainbow Past Life Regression Therapy

If you would like to find out more about past life regression therapy or are looking for a past life regression therapist, I invite you to explore the website and contact me with any questions, by either using the form on my Contact page, or calling me at: 604-996-6629. Also, see below for upcoming dates where we can meet in person.

September 12 /18 - Past Life Regression Therapy Presentation & Exploration

An evening discussing past life regression therapy.  Included in the evening is a guided group regression journey.  The Spiritualist Alliance, #201-317 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.  7:30 – 9pm. Cost is $8 for members ;$10 for non-members.   Doors open at 7pm with  free spiritual healing until 7:25 pm.   www.spiritualistalliance.ca

Previous Events:

November 16/17 Group Past Life Regression,  www.lighthousespiritualcentre.ca                                                                       May 17/17 Atlantis Past Life Group Regression with Malcolm Smith, PhD.,  www.isacanada.ca
October 19/ 16 Group Past Life Regression, Sweetgrass Naturals, Ft. Langley

“ The future is born from the past…

This route paves the way for increased understanding

and allows [individuals] to make wise choices

in the present. ”

— Brian L. Weiss, MD

What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy focuses upon the discovery of the original cause of a current issue and in the acceptance of the theory that present life issues or problems may have their origin in a past life, real or symbolic. A specially trained therapist is willing to explore this possibility with clients seeking to resolve a current issue. One does not have to believe in past lives or reincarnation to benefit from the process of past life regression. All that is needed is an open mind and willingness to explore what emerges.

Past Life Regression Work is an extension of the therapy model and is suitable for client’s seeking to gain knowledge of one’s eternal soul through past life exploration.

How Does Past Life Regression Therapy Work?

A trained therapist facilitates a light, hypnotic state and then guides the client into and through a past life. It is an active and engaging process where the client shares the story while the therapist asks questions. Past life memories are accessed through the sub- conscious mind. How one experiences the information that emerges is unique to each individual. One can see mental images, feel emotions or sensations anywhere in the body, hear, taste, or simply know what is happening in the past life. Typically, a combination of these senses occurs when experiencing a past life.

What are Some of the Possible Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy/Work?

Relief from fears, phobias, traumas, and obsessions
Aligning with one’s purpose in life
Healing from physical issues
Understanding personal relationships
Resolution of family conflicts
Discovery of abilities and talents
Experience the transitional states of birth, death and beyond
Personal and spiritual growth
Past life tourism