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Researchers and professionals in this field continue to study the benefits of past life regression therapy. Brian Weiss MD is a psychiatrist that has published many books about the benefits of past life regression therapy. He has been on television many times discussing his findings with clients. (1) Oprah and Dr. Oz have had episodes about past life regression, including brain imaging during a session (2). PLR Institute published the early findings of their worldwide ongoing study on the benefits of past life therapy in the Journal of Regression Therapy (3). According to PLR Institute’s aggregate data study (4), study respondents reported that after past life therapy:

  • Death no longer holds as much fear for me- 78%
  • My views of life and death have changed for the better – 73%
  • I view my current life from a more positive or meaningful perspective- 69%
  • I have a greater sense of purpose- 64%
Benefit by Percentage

Past life regression has shown effective results and appears to be very safe. Some experiencers have even sought out historical proof of their past life experience with success (5). Most importantly, whether the past life is verified or not, how this therapy improves the client’s current life is our main goal.

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